Album: Radiohead – The King Of Limbs

RADIOHEAD – The King Of Limbs


In true Radiohead fashion the news of ‘The King Of Limbs’ release was sprung upon us with only 5 days till its release (and  again in their unpredictability brought forward a day), we couldn’t wait to get our dirty mitts on it. This is what we here at Howl Club thought:

“Thom Yorke and his gang of intrepid music makers are back with a flash, bang and wallop. Oodles could be said about the process, development and press panic surrounding the release of ‘The King of Lights’ but us so-called ‘musos’ only care about one thing. ’ Bloom’ opens the record with a literal blossom, slowly trickling it’s way into existence, from delicacy to full-blown spasmic beats and electronic glitch. This is pretty much a summary of the whole record, veering perilously from pretty, poetic pieces (as in ‘Codex’) to punching percussion and lashes of electronic manipulation (as in ‘Feral’). This one-two ends up becoming a culmination of sorts for Radiohead, leaving us with the notion they are looking back on their collected career and attempting to meld it all together. Hopefully not for one last hurrah. Even when rehashing every idea they’ve ever had, Radiohead have produced an album that surpasses 99% of the current musical market” A.P. (Written as part of  The 405’s Radiohead roundup)


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