Howl Of The Day: No47

JEFFREY KINO – Heartbeated

So if you are like us and love a good ol’ jaunt into the depths and wonders of the internet from time to time, then you may of stumbled across a young man who went by the name of’Klaus Says By The Record’, who then turned to just plain and simple ‘Klaus’, performing sweet tinged rhythmic acoustic treats for your ears. After releasing an album through respected label Small Town Records, the Tunbridge Wells based act decided to call it a day. Luckily, he hasn’t been away for too long, Jeffrey Kino is as he puts it “the synth wielding orc forged from the ashes of acoustic hobbit, Klaus”.

‘Heartbeated’ is a track taken of his debut E.P ‘Steady Sole’, and is a blissed out synth driven track which oozes beautiful crafted pop sensibilities, that show us that maybe there is finally a British answer to The Postal Service and Imogen Heap.


One response to “Howl Of The Day: No47

  1. Thank you..really informative!!

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