ROMANS – Black Ties

Romans are a four-piece rock collective that hail from a small suburban town otherwise know as Kidderminster, a town that is more commonly associated with Carpets and the penny stamp than hard hitting American Classic-Rock tinged music.

Coming in at just over 17 minutes and compromising of 5 tracks, Black Ties is the short but sweet debut E.P from Romans, which sees the band interweave melodic guitar lines, cascading drums beats, gang vocals and humongous choruses, creating a cacophony of melodic rock, that would happily mix it with the likes of We Are The Ocean, &U&I, and Alexisonfire.

Tracks ‘Something Biblical’ and ‘Rome Sweet Rome’ are two of the bands older songs, which first surfaced on early demos. This time round the context and structure of the songs are relatively the same, however everything seems to sound bigger and louder. Flickering with moments of promise and utilising the bands use of swooning vocals and melodic guitar lines. It is however the two middle tracks, ‘Coffee’ and ‘Barriers’ which show the band in a fresher and more exuberant light, with ‘Coffee’ showcasing a more raw energetic and captivating sound. ‘Barriers’ on the other hand show the band harnessing a more subtle style. Showing us that as well as they can play up-front fast paced raw rock songs that they are still able to add a more heart-felt and softer edge to their music, something that is also interpreted in the atmospheric melancholic e.p closer ‘Down’.

In all ‘Black Ties’ provides a glimpse into what could be a promising future for Romans and it is certainly worth a listen or two.


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