Howl Of The Day: No61

TOWNS – Heads Off

Ever since man learned to bash together two rocks, music has been rehashed, reused and imitated in one way or another. Mostly, it’s a matter of influence and of musical history feeding into the big old sonic melting pot that is audible inspiration. We have had 80s glitter, 90s shoegaze and even 70s disco making some form of comeback over the last few years and our Howl of the Day,  Towns, offer a slightly different takeoff on the 90s rock scene….


But this isn’t that homogenised, annoyingly whiney britpop that dominated when Pulp, Blur and Oasis began to take over our nation island. Towns utilise the very earliest strands of Britpop, taking elements of the noble and catchy core in the very early 90s to craft tracks such as ‘Heads Off’, a sauntering, swelling swagger of a song. Get ready to get your lager and your sway on…..


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