Howl of the Day: No 155


Every year, we get the same schmaltzy rejiggings of Do They Know It’s Christmas with crooners asking if a starving, predominantly Muslim country cares about a Christian, consumerist holiday (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE CHRISTMAS) and Bono thanking God it isn’t him, the selfish prat. So, how about a charitable record with a little more bite…

The North American Halloween Prevention Initiative is a collection of musicians who came together to record a track for UNICEF. It was released on VICE Records and contains what may be the greatest ever coming together of artists for a charity track. Win & Regine of Arcade Fire, Beck, Feist, Syd of Les Savy Fav, Devandra Banhart, Smoosh, Buck 65, Peaches, Thurston Moore, Jenny & Blake of Rilo Kiley, Russell of Sparks, Karen O, Dan & Spencer of Wolf Parade, the late Malcom McLaren and the always awesome David Cross amongst others. Get your blood and cape on and sink your fangs into this…


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