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Howl// Sound City

MAKE UP FOR THE BREAK – Liverpool Sound City

Last week Howl Club embarked on a journey to the home of one of the greatest bands and pop acts of all time. The destination, Liverpool. The reason, Liverpool Sound City Festival, a northern equivalent to Camden Crawl and The Great Escape.  The end result, a glorious weekend full of what i’m sure will be historic memories, fuelled by a catastrophic alcohol intake. Sadly through all the partying, catching up with old and new friends and watching bands no Howl Of The Days were completed. So in order to make it up to you here are a few treats of who we saw at the festival.

Tall Ships – Plate Tectonics

Let’s Buy Happiness – Fast Fast

The Chapman Family – Anxiety

Black Lips – Katrina

Fixers – Crystals

The Phoenix Fondation –  Buffalo


Video//B I G S L E E P


BIG SLEEP are going to be big. They posted this video on you tube 6 days ago and it has amassed over 15,000 views. Not bad for a band that are yet to release anything.

Video// The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart


Video // Manchester Orchestra


I recently saw the new video for Manchester Orchestra’s single ‘Simple Math’. Since then I cannot stop talking about it. Directed by possible the best directors around at the moment DANIELS, we see Manchester Orchestra’s front man involved in a car accident, resulting in his childhood and past memories flashing before his eyes. The difference is everything that is involved in the accident affects his memories, yes it is very Inception based, but the truth is it is a simply outstanding and beautifully shot video. So I urge you all to watch it and marvel in its amazement.

Manchester Orchestra – “Simple Math” from DANIELS on Vimeo.

Video // In B Flat

In Bb

Recently I have taken to using the new social media app of Stumble Upon to enlighten my days of drawling through numerous websites, today I came across one of the most intriguing and mesmerizing, and possibly the best thing I have ever witnessed.

In B flat is an idea that was conceived by Darren Solomon from Science For Girls. It is a collaborative musical and spoken work project, that has been developed by a variety of different users. The idea for the project is that it is based around the chord B flat, random musicians are then filmed playing literally any melody at any tempo on any instrument, the only rule is that they play in the key of B flat. The videos are then lined up against each other on the website, and you can watch and listen to all of them either simultaneously or a few at a time. They all work together and there is never a clash. The end result is truly mind-blowing.

I urge you to check out the footage on the site here.

Video // CROWS

CROWS – City (live)

This is a lovely little live video of our dear ol’ boys, CROWS, and their song ‘City’. Filmed at The Good Ship in London earlier this year ‘City’ shows CROWS with an ever so slighter poppier edge, well this is as close to an indie-pop riff they are going to get. They also have a single coming out on May 9th by our good selves.

MP3 // Klutch (Com Truise Remix)

ANA LOLA ROMAN – Klutch (Com Truise Remix)

Com Truise is a DJ from across the waters, who has taken the off-kilter electro and eerie vocals from Brooklys Ana Lola Roman and her  latest single Klutch, creating a twisting, dance-filled electro remixed master-piece.

Video // Hipster Orchestra

HIPSTER ORCHESTRA COVERS “Under The Cover Of Darkness”


O.k so as well all know by now The Strokes came back this year with their lead single ‘Under The Cover Of Darkness’, which is taken from their latest album ‘Angles’, we also know that hipsters can do crazy awesome things, such as this awesome instrumental cover of ‘Under The Cover Of Darkness’ by a The Jingle Punk’s Hipster Orchestra.




Video // Keaton Henson



Check out this awesome muppet enfused, emotion filled video by singer-songwriter Keaton Henson, that depicts depression and suicide in the most charming of ways. (Directed by David Wilson)


Video // Oval – Ah


As you may know we tend to drift round the internet looking for new and interesting things. On one  such voyage into the depths the internet we discovered this awesome video for the band Oval and their single ‘Ah’. Musical it is in the vein of Mount Kimbie, visually it is a whole world of ballet, double jointness and all around complex weirdness which you can’t help put watch. Truly mesmerizing.