Howl of the Day: No 150

FIXERS – Majesties Ranch

Taken from their upcoming EP, this cut of psychadelic indie frolics to and fro with a giddy energy, courtesy of Fixers, an Oxford five piece. The EP is titled ‘Imperial Goddess of Mercy’ and is out on December 5th. Check out the Animal Collective sway and electronic murmurs on ‘Majesties Ranch’.


Howl of the Day: No 149


Yet another slightly sunny track as we move into colder weather. LET’S HOLD ON TO THE SUN! Mausi make tropical electric fun in musical form with some powerful but enchanting vocal overlay, as well as a lovely dollop of wooden block percussion. Check out ‘Sol‘, out Howl today, which urges you to dance, and Howl Club couldn’t agree more…

Howl of the Day: No 148


With vocals like a slightly less deranged, younger Robert Smith, Good Dangers sweep through our Howl today, ‘So Unkind‘, a track that weaves together dashes of indie spriteliness, in the vein of Bombay Bicycle Club and Two Door Cinema Club, with 80s electric tomfoolery. They are playing at Hoxton Square Bar tonight alongside Cave Painting.

Howl of the Day: No 147

LUM – So Down (Feat. Burton Cummings)

Sounding like a remix of some lost 60s pop rock classic, LUM (aka Liam of Toronto-based First Rate People) has created this little gem. So Down bops and pops alongside effortlessly nonchalant vocals that stream through your head, gliding with a sunny efficiency.

Howl of the Day: No 146

RACES – Big Broom

Races, formerly known as Black Jesus, make this wonderfully skewed indie rock that hints at Interpol whilst heading into much more bombastic, overpowering territory with an aggressively addictive chord progression and a surprisingly soft set of vocals. As the band are LA based, it seems like I’ve found yet another band I have to grovel and beg to come to our British shores….

Howl of the Day: No 145


Newcastle based Fax Machine have taken their retro-technological name and created a track that emanates laid back, 80s electronic experimentation alongside some sort of nega-Britpop vibe vocals and percussion.

Howl of the Day: No 144


Crash Of Rhinos are a quintet from Derby who know how to throw together post hardcore noise scapes with some slightly angrier wails and screeches. It’s a rowdy, pumping auditory force that warrants arm throwing, and feet stomping. ‘Big Sea’ is from their debut, ‘Distal’, lolloping through six minutes of sheer sonic bliss.

Howl of the Day: No 143


Chi Limpiroj is a singer songwriter from Leeds, backed by two musicians (on cello and bass, respectively), composing these glorious odes to this and that via the form of sweetly spun stories wrapped in velvet cloaks of indie pop and  folk. The clear, crisp vocals of Chi paired with a laid bare musical approach will be a wondrous accompaniment to these quickly approaching Autumnal days. Our Howl today even manages to sound like its title, a dusty antique, precious and private, with a wispy air of melancholic history…

Howl of the Day: No 142

SMALL BLACK – Two Rivers (Feat. Heems)

Small Black are a New York quartet who dwell on the cold, synth side of things and are releasing the Moon Killer mixtape on November 11th, with a full LP due next year. Whilst on tour with Cults, the band bumped into Heems and the Das Racist man popped in to freestyle over a few of their track, culminating in this beautifully bleary track.

Howl of the Day: No 141

SHE & HIM – The Christmas Waltz

I know, I know. It’s only bloody October. And we still have a dash of sunsine sneaking in. And we still have Halloween and Bonfire Night yet to go. BUT SCREW IT! She & Him are releasing their Christmas record at the end of the month and the first track, ‘The Christmas Waltz’, is a beauteous ode to everything that’s festive, frosty and fan-fucking-tastic about the holidays. And you can download it for free. Consider it your very first present from Santa….